Supplies You need for your New Puppy
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This is the kind of food your new puppy will be on when he/she leaves our kennel. You will need a small bag of Diamond Natural Small Breed Puppy for your puppy. Your puppy will be sent with a small sample bag of food that will last 4-5 days when you get home, so this can be something you can buy after you get home with your puppy.
This is the most important item you need to buy and have ready before you come get your new baby. This is a child's play yard from Walmart. You can find this at many different stores, but Walmart is where we get our play yards. This will come from the baby department NOT the pet department. This pen is very light weight, durable, easy to clean and useful for many other things. 
We do not recommend leaving your new puppy in a crate. Our puppies have never been in a crate besides Vet trips. Putting the puppy in a crate can make a puppy very depressed and sick when they are not use to it.
This play yard has 6 sections to it, we take 2 sections out and make the pen into a square, put food and water bowls and bed to one side of the pen and put a under pad on the other side of the pen.
By using this pen, your puppy will be safe and happy while you are gone to work or to the store and safe when you are busy and unable to keep a close eye on them at home.
We have had very good luck with using this pen over the years and makes it easier to house train your puppy.
We also suggest Nutrical. This is a vitamin supplement that is good for puppies to have. You will have to buy this at a pet store or veterinarian office.
Your new Puppy will need a food and water dish. Be sure not to get the shiny stainless steel bowls. This is due to the fact the puppy may not drink out of those bowls because they can see their self when they look over to get a drink.
Your puppy will also need a bed to sleep in. There are many types of dog beds you can choose from to buy for your puppy.
All puppies will be on hard food when they leave our kennel, however to get them use to their new environment we suggest 1 container of Little Cesar puppy. We tell the new puppy owner to divide the container of food into 4 sections. Give section 1 the night your bring your puppy home, section 2 the next morning, section 3 that night and the final section the next morning. By the time the puppy is in it's new environment 2-3 days it should be well adjusted and eating its dry food well.
We suggest buying your new puppy a harness and lead opposed to a collar. The reason is due the harness not being as harsh on the puppy's esophagus when training the puppy to lead. It may also be beneficial to have a collar with a bell on it for when the puppy is in the house. A bell will help the owner know where the puppy is at where the puppy will not trip its owner up due to them being so small and want to get under peoples feet.
We suggest getting a pin brush to start brushing your puppy's hair. The puppies may not need their hair brushed when you first get them, however; brushing them at an early age will get the puppy use to being groomed. All of our puppies will have long hair when they get older so most people take their dogs to a groomer or keep their dog groomed their self. Either way you want your puppy use to being brushed. 
Instead of using puppy pads, we suggest underpads for people. These pads do not leak through, are bigger pads and cheaper than puppy pads. We buy our pads at Sams club or Cosco.
Always keep a chew bone out for your puppy to get too. Puppies like to chew because they will be cutting teeth. Be sure NOT to buy the rawhides that are bright white because those chew bones have been bleached and can make your puppy very sick. Also be sure once your puppy has chewed on the bone and only has a small piece left to discard the bone and give the puppy a new chew bone. We also recommend not buying the stick chew bones as puppies can get the stick going down the wrong way and get choked on the bone.